Radio Fiesta FAQ’s

  • What should I do as a vendor?
    Come prepared. That includes bringing tarps, sheets, blankets, etc to cover your items when you leave the building. There are a few locations where if you need power you will need to run an extension cord. It might be wise to bring one, the Civic Center maintenance crew will secure it to the floor. There should be plenty of chairs available. Tables are provided and setup as described in room map.(
  • Note: Vendors are required to clean their table before leaving, do not leave unsold items on table.
  • What about electric for tables?
    All tables located next to an outside wall, have 100v ac power via wall receptacles, some flea market tables are either over or near in floor receptacles. (see floor diagrams)
  • What is a vendor?
    A person whose primary source of income is the selling of merchandise (usually new) and has a tax ID number and business name.
  • What is a non-vendor / Flea Market?
    Everyone else.
  • How big are the tables?
    30 inches by 6 feet.
  • Is there after hours security?
    The doors are closed after the event and after the Civic Center Maintenance workers leave, the building is locked and alarm system activated. CCTV monitors the facility 24/7 and the Police are across the parking lot.
  • Do I have to be present to win Raffle? Not for the three main prizes. Smaller vendor donated door prizes are drawn throughout the day, which does require being present. Ticket holders have 15 minutes to claim these prizes before they are redrawn. NOTE: If you win one of the smaller vendors donated prizes your raffle ticket is returned to the raffle barrel for the main drawings.
  • What do I put on my raffle ticket?
    Name, call sign and phone number. We must be able to contact you for the main prizes since you do not need to present.