FCC License Application Fees

New License fees have been introduced into the amateur radio. The application fee came into effect on Tuesday, 19 April 2022 at 00:00:01 EDT. The following 3 facts will help you understand the new fee structure.

Fact 1 – The application fee as it relates to the Amateur Radio Service is $35 with two exceptions as noted in the table below by a yellow background.

Purpose Fee

New License

Technician, General or Amateur Extra


  Under 18 –  ARRL Grant  reimbursement of $35 Fee $35
Modify a License Upgrade license class and/or request a systematic call sign change Free
Request a Vanity call sign



Renew License Renew license only
Renew license and modify license
Renew license and update administrative data (Change name, change mailing address, e-mail address)
Administrative Update

Change one or more of the following:
*    Licensee name
*    Mailing address
*    E-mail address
*    Phone number



Fact 2 – VEs will not collect the application fees.  The FCC will be responsible for collecting the fee and it will be payable to the US Treasury.

Fact 3 – Payment of the application fee is the sole responsibility of the applicant. They will be given a fact sheet that explains how to pay the fee within 10 calendar days.

For most of us, this translates into there will be a $35 fee for license renewal and application for vanity call.

For more information contact hamtest@gmail.com