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The Volunteer Examiner (VE) team conducts amateur radio license testing through the ARRL VEC (Amateur Radio Relay League Volunteer Examination Coordinator) organization. All of the team’s VEs are licensed hams, accredited by ARRL VEC. The team offers Technician, General, and Amateur Extra exams at each test session.

The test sessions are held at 10:00 a. m. at the Great Northwest Library. Remaining sessions for 2020 will be: August 22, October 24, and December 26. Please pre-register at hamtest@gmail.com so the VE team knows to expect you and can provide additional information

Great Northwest Library
9050 Wellwood
San Antonio, TX 78250
See map at http://tinyurl.com/hamtest

What to Bring

Please bring:
⇒ Original and copy of your current license if you are a Ham
⇒ Original and copy of any CSCEs newer than your ham license
⇒ Social Security Number or FCC Registration Number (FRN)
⇒ Photo ID (preferably driver’s license)
⇒ A simple calculator may be helpful. (No phones.)
⇒ $15 test fee – exact change preferred

Youth without a photo ID need two documents for identification. Suitable documents include a school report card, birth certificate, and a Social Security card.

New FCC Recommendation
The FCC would like those preparing for their initial exam to register a FCC profile and Federal Registration Number (FRN), before taking an exam.  There is information posted on fcc.gov/rofrn, informing potential applicants about the need. Also on that web page, is a step-by-step video, which instructs new applicants on how to use the “new” CORES system to register an FCC profile and FRN. You can view, the instructional video from YouTube here.