Donate Ham Equipment

Do you fit into any of these categories?

  • Your Ham equipment has been in storage since you moved into an antenna-restricted community.
  • You inherited a bunch of Ham equipment from a family member, and don’t really know what it is, or how to get it to somebody who can use it.
  • It’s time to get rid of all the Ham equipment which you don’t use anymore, before the kids or XYL throw it into the trash.

SARC accepts used equipment from radio amateurs and their families. Once evaluated, much of the donated equipment is sold, and proceeds help to fund programs that educate, promote, and preserve the values of Amateur Radio.

    SARC is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization holding federal tax identification number23-7429697. While SARC gladly acknowledges receipt of all in-kind donations, the Club cannot, by law, provide donors with a dollar value of items donated.

    Under IRS rules, San Antonio Radio Club (SARC) is not permitted to provide an estimate of the value of non-cash donations. Some of the better donated equipment is sold by SARC at its annual hamfest in June each year. Donors can go to online auctions sites to see whether there were any sales of the make and model that was donated, in similar condition and use that information for donation value.