Radio Fiesta June 16 & 17, 2023

You can volunteer for any position, however each is a minimum 2 hour shift.
Volunteer’s get 1 free admission & 1 raffle ticket for working a minimum 2 hour shift.

  • Definitions: Vendor: – check-in verify (scan) prepaid vendor give out vendor wristbands
    Admissions: check-in verify (scan) prepaid vendor give out attendee wristbands
    Security: Sit or stand by doors and verify vendor/attendees have wristband- there are doors in the front and back of the building
    TailGate: Help out in tailgate area- outside parking lot- manage spaces, etc.
    General Help: Can be used to help where needed- fill-in to give others a break
  • VE: Volunteer Examiner (VE) team conducts amateur radio license testing

    Note: Tailgate is outside in parking lot.