Field Day

Field Day is a nationwide ARRL sponsored event on the fourth full weekend of June where the San Antonio Radio Club  (SARC) sets up in a field environment to simulate the operation of amateur radios under emergency conditions. While there is a contest aspect to Field Day, the real objective is to give members experience operating in an austere environment like those that may be faced in emergency situations. Just as important, SARC locates itself for Field Day such that SARC is bringing ham radio to the general public.

Four High Frequency Stations are set up and operated simultaneously. A Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency Station is also set up and operated simultaneously. A Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) is set up and operated. The purpose of the GOTA station is to get newly licensed ham radio operators on the air and members of the general public. In fact, under supervision of an appropriately licensed ham radio operator, members of the general public can operate any of the radios. Power to the radios, lights, and logging computers is provided by two (2) inverter generators owned by SARC. SARC also owns a portable trailer mounted beam antenna and many other antennas. An antenna farm containing a mix of SARC and member owned antennas are set up in the vicinity of the tent. While SARC owns some radios as a club, many of the radios at Field Day are member owned.

Field Day is 24 hour operation that includes all of Saturday night. SARC insures that no one starves. Catered BBQ is served for Saturday night super. Since it is usually hot during Field Day, plenty of water is kept on site as well.

The result is that SARC sets up radios in a field environment with emergency generators and temporarily erected antennas. Contacts are then made and logged. SARC has operated from the pavilion/ adjoining the City Hall of the City of Shavano Park who have been great hosts and friends of amateur radio.

Field Day 2023

June 24-25, 2023 was at the City of Shavano Park’s City Hall Complex (900 Saddletree Court Shavano Park, TX 78231), which is on the northwest side of the Greater San Antonio Metropolitan Area of Texas. The City of Shavano Park has been a gracious host for twenty (21) years now. Their support is sincerely appreciated.

Field Day is open and FREE to the public, it’s not restricted to hams (licensed amateur radio). Bring your kids, relatives, neighbors, and anyone else who has an interest in ham radio. There will be a station noted as Get-On-The-Air (GOTA)  for anyone to get on the radio. Want to talk to someone in the next county, state or country this will be your opportunity to try it for FREE. 

The event officially started at 12:00 PM on Saturday and continued non-stop until 12:00 pm Sunday.

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