On Sunday, 17 Feb, at 2:00 PM CST, the San Antonio Radio Club had a Centennial Photo Shoot at the Alamo.  We recreated (loosely) a 1929 photo from an ARRL convention.

Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ obtained a (10-page) permit from the Texas General Land Office to use the front of the Alamo as a backdrop.   Event was organized by Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ, Paul Guido, N5IUT and David Finell, N7LRY

Paul Guido, N5IUT and David Finell, N7LRY were the photographers.

David Finell, N7LRY even used an antique film camera similar to what was used in 1929.
Left to Right: David Finell N7LRY, Unknown, Rich Roudebush N4DCA, Unknown, Unknown, George Harrison KB5KST, Unknown, Unknown, Fred Cruz KI5BYG, Unknown, Bill Craft KD2HIQ, Richard Elder WB5ACN, Unknown, Lyndon Woodall N5LYF, G.
Bryan Clark WB5DRI, Rosendo Guz- man N5YBG, John D’Andrea AA5JD, Virginia Check K5TQK, Mike Check K5UCQ, Tom O’Brien AB5XZ, Paul Guido N5IUT