All of the presentations are in Microsoft Power Point or Adobe PDF format.

Modern Ham Radio by Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ

Decibels  by Bob Rodriguez, K5AUW

pp Gounding 01122019 by Harold Fleischer, AE5AS

MCHF by David Finnell, N7LRY

Computer Logging by Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ

Beverage Antenna by Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ

BitX40 Radio Project by Richard Elder, WB5ACN

Antenna and feed line analyzers by David Finnell, N7LRY

Field Day 2018 by Harold Fleischer, AE5AS

uBitx Radio Project by Richard Elder, WB5ACN

Getting Physical with Ethernet by Bill Craft, KD2HIQ

Bell’s patents by Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ

MARS-HAM_TRAINING-04-AUG-2018-ARES-CI  by HAM Training Seminar


Go-kit by Rodney Brown, AA5RB

Why I chose Buddipole-c by Harold Fleischer, AE5AS

W5SC-Security-and-Privacy-2019 (1)  by Paul Guido, N5IUT

THE FUNNY FUZE  by Richard Elder, WB5ACN

KIT TAG LINES 2 by Richard Elder, WB5ACN

Surge-4 website by Bill Craft, KD2HIQ

NBS TN 688 by Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ – Presented at RF 2020

Secret story about Yagi by Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ – Presented at RF 2020

Yagi Antenna Talk for Fiesta 2019 by Tom O’Brien, AB5XZ  – Presented at RF 2020

Using Gator Box Pro for a Portable Radio Shack by Harold Fleischer, AE5AS

New WiFi definitions by Bill Craft, KD2HIQ

TechTalk (HF Antennas) Aug 2020 by Richard Elder, WB5ACN

Ham Radio Connectors a overview of the types

Anderson Powerpole connectors

SDR (Software Defined Radios) by Bill Craft, KD2HIQ

EMP Presentation by Bill Craft, KD2HIQ

RF Coax Cable for Amateur Radio by Harold Fleischer, AE5AS

RF-Connectors-for-Amateur-Radio by Harold Fleischer, AE5AS

RF-Exposure Calculations by Richard Elder, WB5ACN

Radio Fiesta 22, Ham Radio 101 by Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW